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Quartiers Les Simondins
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Fax : (33) 04 75 41 41 45
Mobile : 06 85 90 64 33

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Aeronautical services Airpark

We are offering the following services to the pilots and/or owners of aircraft

  1. An indoor parking space for a plane in a hangar.
  2. An outdoor parking space for the same plane.
  3. A secured site of 67 000 square meters of which 6 500 square meters of buildings.
  4. Access to the use of water for the washing of the aircraft.
  5. Access to the use of electricity (vacuum cleaner, etc).
  6. Security/surveillance cameras of the accesses to the hangars.
  7. Use of a runway tractor for towing or repairing the aircraft
    (6 cylinder perkins diesel power 50 daN, weight : 2 tonnes).
  8. Use of an electric trolley and it’s luggage trailer (maximum load : 2 tonnes).
  9. Access to the Pilots office for flight planning.
    - Telephone
    - Facsimile
    - Internet
    - Printing of VAC cards
  10. Access to the bathroom installations
  11. An outdoor car parking space: 1 car per aircraft.
    Unlimited time
  12. Privileged access to the Airpark site at all times day or night 7 days a week thanks to confidential key codes.
  13. For the passing Travellers:
    - Free access to the bathroom, toilets, showers.
    - Authorised picnics in the woods and lawns of the park.
    - Barbecues and mobile equipment available.
    - Camping subject to authorisation.
    - Accommodation possibilities.
    - Loan a tourism or utility vehicle.

All these services are offered for an amount to be defined together at the site during a personalised meeting. A written quote will be established for you.

The high quality services that we will offer at the Airpark site will be reserved for a clientele for whom we will reserve a particularly special attention and an exceptional service.

Other services will be added to the above mentioned ones in the following months.
We are sure that these services will retain all your attention.

Whilst we wait to receive you and to have you amongst our privileges customers.

The President
Airpark - GTI Groupe sas
Private pilot
Welcome to Airpark, and good flight.

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